Sizing Info

Here at Hempton's Retro Threads, we carry many different brands. Each brand has its own unique sizing, and there is no size standardization in the apparel industry, unfortunately. This means that sizing can vary widely brand to brand. For this reason, we include the appropriate sizing chart with the product photos on each product page. Note that some sizes are UK sizes rather than US sizes, so be sure to read the charts carefully. 

Going by your measurements is always the safest bet when ordering an item online. You're always welcome to contact us for more detailed sizing information on any item. We can give you the actual measurements of the garment (which sometimes differ a bit from the general sizing chart for the brand). We measure the item laid flat, and you simply double the measurements to get circumference measurements such as the waist or hips.

Contact us by any of the following methods - we're here to help!

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