Our Story


Hempton's Retro Threads is a one-of-a-kind boutique created by us, Beth & Patrick Hempton, a husband & wife team. We both love vintage fashion and design and shopping in unique boutiques. Wanting to create our own quirky small business to help “Keep Austin Weird,” we decided to start with a website.

​We're huge fans of vintage glamour, so we created an online retro lingerie store, meant to invoke the sexiness of classic boudoir and burlesque lingerie from days gone by. A web store was a low-risk way to get our foot in the door and learn, while keeping our overhead costs extremely low. After about six years of running the online lingerie store, we decided to go for it and open our own brick and mortar boutique! 

With the boutique, we've been able to expand our product offerings to include dresses, separates, swimwear, shoes, jewelry, purses, and a selection of menswear as well. You won't find an overwhelming hodge-podge of items though; our focus is on creating a well-curated boutique. We buy in small quantities, keeping stock turnover higher, so that we can get new stuff in more often. That means that you'll see something new and fun every time you come in! But it also means that our most popular items don't stick around for very long, so please keep that in mind. If you see something you like, don't wait or you might miss out on it!


Sourced Responsibly

It's very important to us that the products we offer come from conscientious sources, companies that continually look for ways to improve their effects on the environment, and treat their workers fairly. We also look for well-made garments that will last years, instead of fast fashion items that last only one season. In the apparel industry, that often means that choosing items made in the USA is our best option, so we strive to carry as many of them as we can. At the time of this writing, we have over 150 American made products here on our website, even more in our Austin boutique, and we hope to steadily increase that number. We especially love supporting other local small businesses with our buying choices, so you'll see some fantastic local goods in our boutique (which we usually don't add to our website because of their small batch nature). 

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You are Our Priority

Excellent customer service is our top priority, and when you step into our store, we'll give our undivided attention to helping you put together that perfect outfit! If you're not in Austin, we strive to offer the same level of customer service when you shop online as well. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. Think of us as your own personal shopper. We look forward to helping you find your new favorite vintage-inspired look!

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